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Lawn Dart Game

Posted by Fitzbe 
Lawn Dart Game
February 10, 2010 03:55AM
Lawn darts, A game much like Wii Sports Bowling but with a Set up menu to calibrate the remote to the size of the TV and the sensor bars location from the TV screen edges. It makes a difference as to what the players distance is from the sensor bar/TV and the tv's screen size. Most aiming game suffer because there is no real correlation between the target on the TV screen and the Wii remote. Sounds crazy doesn't, a target game where the location of the target is not relevant.

The Last Game I wrote was in Atari Basic and I have no plans to learn C++ So I don't / can't do code, But I am a fair artist and can draw scenery and other game elements which I assume can be scanned or digitally imported in to the game.

I have some other Ideas for games as well, they too would benefit from accurate calibration between the TV and the remote.
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