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Idea for a platform-style game

Posted by aidman650 
Idea for a platform-style game
April 22, 2010 09:24PM
Hello, I have an idea for a game that I think a lot of people would really enjoy. It would be a platform-ish game based on "Falling Balls" on the iPhone/iPod touch. You would tilt the phone to run left or right, away from balls that fell from the side of the screen. It is a fairly simple but addicting game. I think that it would be pretty easy for someone to make a clone of it where you tilt the Wii remote to move. Does anyone like this idea?

P.S, here is a video of Falling Balls gameplay

Re: Idea for a platform-style game
April 23, 2010 03:24AM
Doesn't sound very hard to make, I like the idea.
Re: Idea for a platform-style game
August 05, 2010 08:04PM


Let me know if there are any changes you want made to it.
Re: Idea for a platform-style game
August 05, 2010 09:58PM
Hey, Thanks! I thought this topic was dead months ago... I think that the game is great. May I humbly request a few little things? When you are hit, could the game restart instead of continuing with the score reset? It gives you a better sense of how long you stayed alive. And for the other thing, could you add a sound when you die? There is a scream called the "Wilhelm Scream" that is in the original that would go very well. (You've probably heard the scream before. It's in almost everything) My computer is acting up so I couldn't post a link to download it, but if you search for it on google, you should be able to find it fairly easily. Thank you!
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