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Custom Wii Menu

Posted by h4ck3rj4x 
Custom Wii Menu
July 07, 2010 01:00AM
I have an idea of something along the lings of a brand new not theme either wii menu something like Freestyle Dash
for the xbox 360 the wii menu is so boring even with a theme its still the same boring thing
Re: Custom Wii Menu
July 07, 2010 01:21AM
Easier said than done.
Re: Custom Wii Menu
July 07, 2010 01:34AM
Themes are extremely dangerous and generally not supported here. Furthermore, they can be made anyone who has even 0 programming skill like yourself. So there's really no need for this.
Re: Custom Wii Menu
July 07, 2010 12:56PM
I've re-opened this topic as I think Arikado mis-understood the first post. It may get locked again soon, but still...

Anyway, there is already a custom System Menu called Freedom, made by crediar the guy behind Preloader. Look into it if you want. Other than that, there is nothing, and AFAIK, its a bit buggy and no-where near finished. I think crediar abandoned it to work on another project, which won't be mentioned here.
Re: Custom Wii Menu
July 07, 2010 05:19PM
Uhm ... No.
Sorry, you can't reply to this topic. It has been closed.