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Wii remote data readout

Posted by Lsrieck 
Wii remote data readout
August 05, 2010 05:11AM
I don't program or know how to but want to be able to readout the sensor data from the Wiimote. I know there are programs that show what angles the pitch roll yaw are at, and even the accelerometer data. I want to attach he Wiimote to an object moving around, and with a Bluetooth to USB dongle attached to a long USB cable get the readout to a Mac or ideally to an iPad or iPod touch. Also I need to do this without the Wii console. I want to use it to gather motion data and see a realtime readout. If anyone is interested in collaboration on this I could pay for the programming. If interested, I'll give my email. Thanks

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Re: Wii remote data readout
August 05, 2010 05:25AM
For MAC:

For iphone/ipod touch/ipad:
This only works on apps that support it however. These apps are all probably going to be unofficial apps which can only be played on jailbroken devices.

You can send money here [arikado.chipin.com] for my two seconds of googling :P
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