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Virtual Memory Card?

Posted by ThatbeGuy 
Virtual Memory Card?
August 11, 2010 04:51AM
I've been thinking about this for a while, but I have no idea how plausible it is or if it is even possible. My question is, would you be able to virtualize a memory card on the Wii and instead use an SD card instead? I'd hope for such a feature so that I could play Gamecube games, save the data directly to an SD card and then see it on my computer.
Re: Virtual Memory Card?
August 11, 2010 05:46AM
I'm not sure the gamecube mode can access an SD card. Anyway, you can use GCMM to copy saves between a gamecube card and an SD.
Re: Virtual Memory Card?
August 11, 2010 06:28PM
BC shuts down access to SD card slot when GC mode is entered, so no its not possible.
Re: Virtual Memory Card?
August 11, 2010 06:59PM
I'm certainly OK with using GCMM, I just hoped that there would be an alternative so you wouldn't have to get a Gamecube card to play games and save on them. But it's too bad that it's possible even to access an SD card. Oh well. :P Thanks anyhow.

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