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Clean UID etc

Posted by nilum 
Clean UID etc
September 18, 2010 04:24AM
I need to send my Wii in to get repaired, but have heard stories of Wii's being denied repair if they contain any homebrew even though they were thoroughly cleaned.

I have heard part of the problem is UID.SYS which logs every title launched, and is also used for file permissions.

Info on UID.SYS:

I've also been told that there are other areas which store information about launched titles, but have never been told any specifics about them.

There is also the 'chicken-or-egg' problem regarding having a homebrew app modify the uid.sys and then the homebrew app itself being logged into uid.sys.

Regarding the first part of my post:
An app made to clean the uid.sys would have to reset any permissions for a title following the one removed. This is a sequential 'list' after all, and I am sure any blank spots would seem suspicious or cause problems with the Wii.
I'm also not familiar with how the Wii's permissions work, so I'm not sure how you would go about doing this.

As far as the chicken/egg problem, any app ran would automatically be given permissions through the uid.sys so we of course can't avoid having an entry made. Once that app is in memory, I don't know that its entry in the uid.sys would be necessary any longer. Anyway, I am not sure if it would be possible to have the program remove its own uid.sys entry and anything else related to its permissions. That seems to be the problem. Possibly the app could spoof another title, but that seems complex and I really don't know where to start there. Of course if you did spoof another title... that title would probably stop functioning as its permissions would be screwed up... but you could always fix that later once you got your Wii back. Assuming they even take the time to look at your uid.sys and not somewhere else.

There is also the risk of having to run this without BootMii boot2. Obviously you would need to run this app using bannerbomb or the like. Having to remove a loader just makes all your work pointless.

Anyway, I am not a good coder. I am just trying to get my wii repaired.

Maybe I am spouting a bunch of nonsense, and I am sure this problem has been looked at by many people smarter than me, so it might be impossible.

Thanks for your time.
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