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Wii Homebrew Web Browser

Posted by onilink422 
Wii Homebrew Web Browser
September 20, 2010 12:31PM
I would like to see a homebrew Internet Browser for the wii That is better than Opera, But The two that I have found look abandoned. I was thinking about looking into learning about the idea of teaching to myself the fine art of C++ Programing. I would do this by getting a few books on the subject at my local library. However, I fear that by the time I learn to Slightly create an almost recongnizable program, The next Nintendo console will be out and Homebrew will move to it. So, Is it worth my time? I'm pretty sure it is worth the time to learn C++, But Again my main Hope is to see a Good internet browser for Wii Homebrew, and clearly I am not Qualified for the job. So, How difficult would something like that really be?


Terribly sorry, After looking around I have Realized that I posted
this in the wrong section. Why do Noobz Always do this? Well, sorry
everyone.. If it helps, I have just registered today, and I hope to do
well here.

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Re: Wii Homebrew Web Browser
September 20, 2010 04:12PM
Programming a web browser in C/C++ is one of the most difficult projects you can come up with :)

It requires you to have a lot of knowledge of many other computed/network related stuff besides C++. Definitely it is not something one person can accomplish on his own.

And don't worry for posting in the wrong thread, some nice moderator will be kind enough to move it to the correct one.
Re: Wii Homebrew Web Browser
September 20, 2010 06:40PM
Already requested hundreds of times, and there's a nice big thread for it. Go there kthnx.
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