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Need Music? Send me a note!

Posted by slyfox299 
Need Music? Send me a note!
November 26, 2010 05:33AM
Hi Everyone!

My name is Zach. I am studying coding in C, C++, PHP, etc. I have already learned and mastered HTML and CSS, as well as a good deal of PHP(but I'm still rusty).

My hobby is playing the piano(keyboard) and I have recently wired up my keyboard to my PC and can now make recordings. I like to to stick with Piano mainly, but my keyboard has 238 different voices to choose from so I can make multi-layer tracks.

I'd like to offer my contribution to the homebrew community in this way of providing music. Please contact me if you are interested in this.

I'm not offering this for money, but rather out of the love for music and I want to share my ability. I play several original video game pieces such as Castlevania and Chrono Trigger, as well as anime pieces like Joe Hisaishi's work, Lucky Star, Lupin the Third, TMoHS, etc. I'm not the most skilled but I play everything by ear so I don't read sheet music at all.

Please let me know if you need some help! Admins, move this to a necessary board as needed. Thanks! Three cheers for the continuation of the homebrew community! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!
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