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DXX-Rebirth aka Descent

Posted by SpawnHyuuga 
DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
February 17, 2011 11:58PM
Interplay announced that a port of Descent (a DOS/Win95) game would be ported to the Wii. Since that announcement, nothing about the project has been heard of, to my knowledge. It was supposed to be released sometime in the fall or winter of 2010. Nothing. I ask if one of the projects (with/out OpenGL) could be ported to the Wii? I've tried playing the DOS version with DOSbox-Wii, and it doesn't work. I have a properly working USB keyboard, and I'm doing everything else right, but it doesn't work. So now I ask if there are any other nostalgic fans out there who might be able to bring this game to us, or possibly it's sequel?

Here are some links, for anyone who may be able to help:
Descent 1 Source: [www.descent2.com]
Descent 2 Source: [www.descent2.com]
DXX-Rebirth: [www.dxx-rebirth.com]
D2X-XL: [www.descent2.de]

Unfortunately, the source files do still require some files from the original games.. if I can help with that, (without pirating) I will. Otherwise, this online store GoodOldGames should be able to get you both games legally for only $5.99:


I'm not much of a coder except a little vB and some HTML. I apologize on that front, but I would love to see this game on the Wii, with or without it's original graphics. I originally got the idea when I played that PlasmaRacketti game...
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
February 18, 2011 03:40AM
I've already ported the original descent. It will be out soon-ish.
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
February 18, 2011 05:25AM
SWEET, I loved this game think I played the second one, and instantly fell in love with it. I would love to get a copy of it that works with current windows like vista and 7, I would so run out and go buy one just to play it again. This great to see this being ported to the wii.

One question though, will we need a usb be wii keyboard to play, or will we be able to use the wiimote an dnunchuck? I also remember some cheats you could input in to as well will those be there as well?
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
February 18, 2011 08:15AM
The input system is what's stopping me from releasing it; atm there is only code to handle wiimote+nunchuk, with some buttons remappable and others hardcoded to perform F2, ESC, Return etc. I had planned to get a classic controller for xmas so I could add support for it but that ended up not happening. Currently the cheats can't be entered but I was going to put them all in a "cheat menu" that would be unlocked with its own button sequence.

Apart from that everything else is working including the automap, saving/restoring, custom missions, sound/music and network play (compatible with the original game running in dosbox on a pc).
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
February 22, 2011 02:22AM
Brilliant, tueidj. I await your release. I thought this was basically a game made for the Wii once I heard about the Wii. I'm like Interplay has got to take advantage of that. Imagine my face when I researched them to find out they had since died, and later learned that a small group of them reformed as a really small company. It sounds great.

Dirt Rider, if you still have the CD's those ports I mentioned above will take your original CD files and make the game appear in today's graphics or at least way better than whatever DOS could do. Best thing is they work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
February 22, 2011 02:27AM
No don't have the cd's, wish I knew where to get them, wonder of a old game store would be able to locate them.
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
February 23, 2011 03:07AM
Try my GoodOldGames link I have up in the first post. $6 USD, for both Descent I and II, and I think it has the Vertigo expansion pack too.
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
April 22, 2011 04:49PM
Descent for Wii v1 finally out: [wiibrew.org]
No multiplayer yet, until I find someone to host/run the IPX server program.
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
April 25, 2011 11:59AM
Tried this out today, the game runs great but the music did not work, could you make the instructions more detailed? I'm trying to use the patch method as I have this game on CD (no mp3s).

I'm a bit of a noob at all this so please be patient with me!
Here is what I did:

I just copied the two files you listed straight off the CD, I didn't install the game on my PC first and then try to patch or anything. This CD was part of a pack that came with Descent 2 and some extra levels, so I figure it's already patched to 1.5? Anyway like I said it ran fine and had sound fx.

I followed the link to get the instrument patch files and felt a bit lost as to what I was supposed to be downloading, so just downloaded the .zip on the main page. Extracted and put the .cfg and other files in the folders specified, I assume that the folders are supposed to be in the root folder of the SD card?

Any help is much appreciated. Also thanks for a fantastic effort getting this game running on Wii, I'm really looking forward to playing through it again on my TV after all these years :) And kudos on putting the effort into getting the music working right off the bat, there are some other ports of PC classics on this site that are great but have no music! How the hell am I supposed to play them again with no music!?! Madness.

If I can be cheeky enough to make a request I would love to see pointer aiming/turning in the next release, as an old school PC gamer I can just never get used to analogue sticks for aiming.
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
April 25, 2011 03:28PM
Here are the freepats files already arranged into the required directories. Just extract it directly to the root of your SD card.

Pointer aiming/turning doesn't suit Descent as the ship always fires at the centre of the screen. You can't have turning without a visual indicator onscreen showing where the wiimote is pointing, if I repurpose the crosshair for that it seems unnatural (Descent was always crappy with mouse controls unless you enjoyed lifting your mouse every 2 seconds).
Re: DXX-Rebirth aka Descent
April 26, 2011 12:39PM

Figured out the problem was I didn't rename the .cfg file. Well I warned you I was a noob! Anyway it works now :)

Hmm maybe you are right about the controls with always firing in the centre of the screen. But surely it's no different to something like Quake which also always had the crosshair in the middle of the screen?

I remember though I did always play Descent with a mouse for aiming. Playing any FPS kinda game with a mouse meant lifting it a lot, you just got used to it and didn't even notice after a while.
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