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FCE/Snes9x buttons delay config?

Posted by gauth 
FCE/Snes9x buttons delay config?
May 30, 2011 09:03PM
I have absolutely no knowledge in coding. Please don't bash me for asking this, if it's impossible, just tell me! It's just a thought/suggestion.

So, I've noticed there was a slight buttons responsiveness delay whether I am using the Classic Controller or just the Wiimote, under both these emulators, when compared to playing the same game under the Virtual Console. It sure doesn't make the game unplayable, but is still considerable.

Please see this thread. Someone suggested that the delay came from the fact that the Wiimote transmits its data wireless and by bluetooth. That would make sense if the delay was present in both VC games and emuls. However, no matter what controller I use, I find the buttons to be more responsive in the original VC game than when playing the exact same game under an emulator. So that pretty much excludes the bluetooth thing since I use the same controller for both VC and emul, switching back and forth between the same game. If some delay was to occur because of this, I assume it would have to be present in the VC games too. That bugs me because I see no point of using the official Virtual Console games appart from this, because the emul has so much nice configurable options that it can only be better.

I know emulation isn't perfect, but it must be something that can be worked out? I am only asking if this would be possible, so I'm not on my knees asking. But it would be really nice to be able to set this via the options in the menu, or just manually editing a text file (quick fix?), so everyone could play with it as to their own liking.

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