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UltraStar WII

Posted by sebastian111982m 
UltraStar WII
January 24, 2012 10:45AM
first of all... My English is not good... i will use in future google-translate...

Hello @ all

Well, this project has been started already.

I want to call you back to life. Somehow, set the project back (about 3 years ago) on sourgeforge.

Well, I see huge benefits for porting to the Wii
especially as the operability and functionality can be adapted individually.

Originally, the "mother" of the program was written in Delphi ... After some time they had struggled through to a C (C + +) port of UltraStar Deluxe or next generation or to provide Performous.

Now I can imagine the move to Wii console also very good and I am happy with my layman knowledge in programming (HTML, Java, databases, C, C + +, etc.) to act on it with the project UltraStarWII with your help, as homebrew implement app itself? ...

I ask you my reactions to this posting to announce. Welcome also like tips or interest to work with them.

Thank you and best regards
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