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Jak and Daxter Project (Eco Abilities)

Posted by DigiOps 
Jak and Daxter Project (Eco Abilities)
March 05, 2012 12:43AM
I recently started work on an RPG based on Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy with game mechanics similar to Legend of Zelda games. I realized that the weapon choices and corresponding abilities left the eco (magic) system lacking. For anyone who isn't familiar with the franchise, eco is divided into four colors which each retain different properties.

Blue eco is the energy of motion, allowing the player to move faster. It also activates specific Precursor artifacts like doors or jump pads.

Yellow eco allows the player to launch balls of eco from their hands.

Red eco grants increased strength at the cost of speed. It's kind of the embodiment of pure force.

Green eco heals the player when collected in large quantities. It acts as the encompassing energy of life and can cure dark eco infections in some places.

If any more information is needed to formulate an idea, let me know. Being a mash up of zelda and jak and daxter, "spells" can be puzzle solving abilities as well as attacks. I would just like to have a more robust list of eco abilities that would fit.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance. :D

(edit): I figured I should add the few abilities I have at the moment.
For blue I have a slow time ability, a shield which deflects projectiles/stops melee attacks, and a telekinesis mechanic (using the Wii remote so the player doesn't sacrifice movement).

I've got yellow eco enabling the classic TPL style projectiles. I'm also toying around with a the idea of turning the player character into a projectile, launching in the direction they point in.

I've got a radial blast and an explosive push for red eco. I'm also toying with the idea of letting the player toss red eco focused into little crystals that explode.

With green eco, I'm thinking about a life siphon and an earth spike attack. I'm thinking about letting the player control some plant life for puzzle solving.

I know my post is pretty long winded... I'm sorry. Ha ha. My comment lines are often the same way.

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