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Wolf4SDL/mods on the Wii?

Posted by madwolf555 
Wolf4SDL/mods on the Wii?
June 17, 2012 07:44PM
I remember seeing an app on PSP-Hacks of a Wolf3D engine ported to the PSP, you still need the game files to play the game however. That's a bit like what I'm suggesting here...

I'm a Wolfenstein 3D modder, love this new Wolf4SDL code as it's so easy to implement things like High-Res graphics, floor/ceiling textures, the more advanced stuff. I'm not much of a good coder or programmer despite making Wolf3D mods for the past 10 years, I mostly do the graphic work, music editing, mapping, and a very small bit of basic coding with C++/Dev-C++.

Below are video links to 2 of my projects released with modified Wolf4SDL engines. If anyone think they'd be fun to play on the Wii, I don't mind sending the source codes your way. :)

The Blazer Forces: Frayed

Krucible: Insanitarium
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