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Anyway around Wii No Ma closure?

Posted by ROBot 
Anyway around Wii No Ma closure?
July 17, 2012 05:51AM
For any of you with Japanese themed Wiis, the "Wii No Ma" channel closed on May 1st. When ever the channel is launched, a message appears saying "Thank you for allowing us to serve you." with an error code: 354606. Here's a video showing this: [www.youtube.com]

Since Wiibrew hasn't failed me now, and the community is SUPER GREAT, I was wondering if there was a way to get around this error message? This seems like a stupid question, and if someone would have to go through alot of trouble for this, I'm honestly saying it isn't worth it. I was just wondering. :)

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Re: Anyway around Wii No Ma closure?
July 17, 2012 10:35AM
I would assume the server the channel communicates with has been shut down, and so the only way to "fix" it would be for someone to set up a new, custom server, essentially being a clone of the original, and some way to make the channel connect to that server (perhaps set a proxy on the Wii, or some sort of patch to the channel). The server would have to be able to handle all the people who still want to use the channel, so depending on how many that is, the server may require quite a high bandwidth. If this is the case, it could end up being quite expensive for the person running it (even if it isn't too popular, it'll still cost some money to run the server). I'm afraid this probably won't happen, sorry.
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