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Posted by whodares 
September 25, 2008 10:49PM
This file contains a list of URLs that WiiConnect24 downloads data from, and can be found in /shared2/wc24

File header looks something like this
struct WC24File
  char magic_word[4], // 'WcDl'
  int unknown_value_1,
  int unknown_value_2,
  int unknown_value_3,
  short unknown_value_4,
  short wc24_header_file_offset,
  short wc24_record_count,
  short unknown_value_5

wc24_header_file_offset is big endian, and needs to be shifted left 4 bits to get the true address. The space between file header and wc24 record headers is padded with 0x00 bytes

At offset 00000080 there is the first of a batch of header records. The structure of these is something like
struct WC24Header
  char game_title[4],
  u32 memory_address_1,
  u32 memory_address_2,
  u8 record_pointer,
  u8 padding[3]

My first record has the following data
{ 'HAEA', 0x0135F25A, 0x0135F209, 0x80, { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 } }

If you shift the record_pointer 4 bits to the right, you get 0x00000800, which is a point inside the file which contains a more detailed record

Interestingly, in my list of headers, I get two HAEA records, then a blank record, then two HAFP records, followed by another two HAEA records, then another blank, then RMCP, HABA, then two final RMCP records

struct WC24Record
  short record_index,
  short unknown_value_1,
  int unknown_value_2,
  char game_title[4],
  int unknown_value_3,
  int unknown_value_4,
  int unknown_value_5,
  int unknown_value_6,
  int unknown_value_7,
  int unknown_value_8,
  int unknown_value_9,
  int unknown_value_10,
  int unknown_value_11,
  int unknown_value_12,
  char unknown_value_13[128],
  char wc24_main_url[236],
  char wc24_sub_url_files[96],

record_index starts with the value of 0x0000, and counts up each record

unknown_value_1 = 0xFF00 if the record is empty (big endian)

unknown_value_2 always seems to be 0

unknown_value_4 seems to be a some sort of application id, sometimes the same as game_title, but on the HAEA entries, they are 0x00000002 (big endian)

unknown_value_5 could actually be a part of unknown_value_4. When my game title is HAFP, unknown_value_4 and unknown_value_5 combine to create a text string of 'HAFP01', followed by two 0x00's to fill the space. Might just be coincidental though.

unknown_value_7 looks like a relative memory address (big endian), could be wrong, but they do stay consistant between records with the same game ID

unknown_value_8 to unknown_value_11 are always 0x00000000

unknown_value_12 looks like another memory address

unknown_value_13 looks like string space, but is always blank in all of my records

wc24_main_url seems an odd length, so there maybe another smaller string tucked in at the end

wc24_sub_url_files is a bit confusing, it might be an array of filesnames to use with the wc24_main_url. However, judging from the data, it might actually be for a single filename, just keeps getting overwritten with different values

I know there's a lot of unknowns here, but there might be some useful information. I'll update as I find out...

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Re: nwc24dl.bin
November 10, 2008 01:46AM
where does it store the downloaded files ?
Re: nwc24dl.bin
November 10, 2008 01:49AM
I have some vague memory that it stores them inside the data directory of the title that is associated with the download.
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