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For discussion of serious reverse engineering and analysis of low-level functions on the software side of the Wii 
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This is not a tech support forum

by bushing
4,064104/13/2009 06:29AM
Last Post by bushing
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Wii U exploiting with Wii Mode

by hugofestA
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ANN: new version of libcwiid port with support for all Wiimote functions

by bukvicic
915109/18/2015 10:16PM
Last Post by bukvicic

Smash Stack PAL/Korean

by SifJar
6,8611006/14/2015 12:56AM
Last Post by bg4545
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I have a moded wii and want to know if I should update my nintendo wii shop update?

by tbz29wwe
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About GC - GBA link cable

by Ryuryu
1,395301/08/2014 11:00AM
Last Post by Ryuryu

What's the difference between IOS,cIOS,MIOS and cMIOS?

by syc20099
3,962407/16/2013 02:45AM
Last Post by syc20099

Idea for new Wii exploits?   (Pages: 1 2)

8,9293505/07/2013 11:49AM
Last Post by tueidj
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by col72
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Is there any way you can downgrade to System Menu 1.0?

by keoghjacob
1,901501/19/2013 09:34PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

Wii disc unused areas seemingly random padding?

by gripple
2,298111/25/2012 10:32PM
Last Post by gripple

Learn how to reverse-engineer

by WojciechBusz
2,199109/17/2012 12:16PM
Last Post by WojciechBusz

SSL Certificates rootca/clientcakey/clientca dumping

by Nadd
2,286108/26/2012 10:08PM
Last Post by Nadd
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How do I update the wii to 4.3 w/ out a internet connection?

by bobop33
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EI_OSABI in syscall PPC_boot

by arasium
1,876402/07/2012 02:49PM
Last Post by arasium
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by wdsonpereira
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Mailbox Bomb

by SifJar
3,694211/10/2011 02:31PM
Last Post by technoman

WiiBoard Battery Level wrong

by alf_red
2,742207/26/2011 11:08AM
Last Post by alf_red

Wii Balance Board wrong Data address on documentation

by needle
2,737207/11/2011 02:27PM
Last Post by Henry

What is this register?

by arasium
2,669105/09/2011 08:50AM
Last Post by arasium

[Resolved] Position dependent or not?

by arasium
2,515405/03/2011 08:30AM
Last Post by arasium

Wii Shop Channel question

by metroid_maniac
3,237301/18/2011 01:01PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

What happens if you try to load a title with corrupted metadata?

by metroid_maniac
4,234201/06/2011 01:25PM
Last Post by giantpune

TMD - Maximum version?

by metroid_maniac
2,587301/05/2011 06:48PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

Insert Wii Startup Disc?

by Dr.MarioX
4,036212/29/2010 11:02PM
Last Post by SifJar

Loading .dol files into IDA

by rf1911
7,5392012/21/2010 10:00PM
Last Post by Arikado

Wii connect 24 useragent

by jfmherokiller
3,208610/02/2010 05:19PM
Last Post by yellowstar

Wii Disc format infos

by arasium
3,193309/27/2010 07:04AM
Last Post by arasium
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Why a Wii does this and could it be used?

by NotAWiiHacker
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Wii Debugging?

by dashxdr
3,7811009/21/2010 05:49PM
Last Post by dashxdr

Find wireless card code

by Possa
2,985108/19/2010 03:09PM
Last Post by Possa