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SSL Certificates rootca/clientcakey/clientca dumping

Posted by Nadd 
SSL Certificates rootca/clientcakey/clientca dumping
August 27, 2012 12:08AM
I'm trying to figure out if and how its possible to dump these 3 .cer files from my own wii by nand dump,
I tried several tools to extract certain .app files and done some research on the wiibrew wiki regarding how wc24 connect works.
And opened some of the nand dump's files with a wii partition editor in which I a tree of 3 certificate structures, but I'm not sure if those were the ones and even if they are I couldn't separate the keys from each other...

My question is if it's possible to extract the root certificate, and the private and public wii certificate using the nand from the wii I own or if I need a different approach to this?

I used bootmii to extract the nand.bin and keys.bin, I also have ripped a file called device.cert with a different HB app.
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