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WiiBoard Battery Level wrong

Posted by alf_red 
WiiBoard Battery Level wrong
July 21, 2011 10:52AM

not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes:

I have been using the Wii Balance Board as input device for a PC, but cannot read the battery level.
I have tried this with the wiiuse library and the wiidevicelibrary, with the same results.
Since the Board appears as WiiMote, I have been using status requests to read the battery level in the same way as you would use on a normal WiiMote.

On the Wiimote it works, on the Board I always get a constant level (about 95%), independently of how low the battery voltage is.

Has anyone the same problems or did someone get this to work correctly?

RFC & regards,

Re: WiiBoard Battery Level wrong
July 26, 2011 01:08PM
Hi again,

in the meantime I have analyzed the Wii board protocol a bit and seem to have found a solution:

When I request a status report from the board, I do not get the same response as from a Wiimote. Instead I get a 22 bytes long message, which contains a byte at offset 12(dec), which corresponds linearly to the measured battery voltage:

Volts = msg[12] / 25.3

I have used an extended version of the wiiuse library to test this.

Can anyone confirm this?

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