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Wii Disc format infos

Posted by arasium 
Wii Disc format infos
September 09, 2010 10:47AM
I've read this page on wiibrew: [www.wiibrew.org]

But i still have questions about the disc format.

What are exactly the "Partitions information" (i don't uderstand what is the Total 2nd partitions in the disc (optional) and the offset associated).

Is each "Partition info table" composed of only "Partition table entry"(ies)?
In the case of the "Total 2nd partitions" filled with a value, it means that each partition has is own partition table?

Re: Wii Disc format infos
September 27, 2010 02:48AM
it really helps to look at an actual disc in a hex editor. but basically you read it like this
1) get the total # of partitions from 0x40000
2) get the offset of the first partition table
3) jump to that address ( usually 0x20 bytes after 0x40000 )
4) read 4 bytes. if you get something other than (u32) 0x00000000, read 4 more bytes. keep repeating this step till you dont get any more partitions.
5) you have just read the first partition table. if the total # of partitions you got in step 1 is higher than all the partitions you found already, go back to step 2 and read the next 4 bytes ( next partition table offset )

really every official game will have 1 partition table except SSBB. multiboot discs made with wiiscrubber can have all sorts of different layouts.
Re: Wii Disc format infos
September 27, 2010 09:04AM

this answer my question. Thank you.
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