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SD Card: How does it read\become recognized?

Posted by Gunstar_Hero 
SD Card: How does it read\become recognized?
June 19, 2010 11:05AM
Does anyone know the logic behind how the SD card reader in a wii operates? And what part of the wii software handles this? (specifically the software) The main reason I ask is that I was led to believe that my sd card slot was dead, but then I found out something. I ran boot mii, and the sd card was detected and used to do a test backup. It's not the hardware, because I found the wii backup on my SD. So, it must be something in my wii Menu corrupted, right? The wii menu tries to recognize my card, but always fails. Most homebrew apps won't even acknowledge it. However, wii menu seems to be based off the spring "click" switch. Homebrew channel didn't look for that. It looked for whether it could be mounted and used (usb flash drive was recognized when I plugged it in) The SD was not. So, is there an IOS that handles SD data mounting specifically that could have possible been corrupted? Because, if bootmii worked, it couldn't be hardware wise, and its not my SD's or their formatting (multiple cards, tried all formats, all worked with a SD > USB adapter in the back of the wii)

Any ideas?
Re: SD Card: How does it read\become recognized?
June 19, 2010 03:22PM
Well, it can't be System Menu, because it'd have no effect on HBC.

And ALL IOS can access SD AFAIK, I'm pretty sure they all need to, because only one is ever running, so whichever it is running at a particular time needs to be able to access SD. And HBC and System Menu usually use different IOS, so I don't see how it could be that really...
Re: SD Card: How does it read\become recognized?
June 19, 2010 10:46PM
Well, that throws me off pretty hard then. But still, if bootmii on my boot 2 recognized and used it 100%, it's gotta be a software thing, right? Maybe I should try downgrading to 4.0 (running 4.1 currently) to clean out my system menu. Honestly, its a jumble of failed installs and glitches. I was going to clean it out anyways. Any recommended alternatives or a suggestion on an easy downgrade. I heard dopmii was the easiest thing to do to modify/ upgrade just about anything.
Re: SD Card: How does it read\become recognized?
June 19, 2010 11:44PM
I installed menu 4.0 and the SD was not even recognized through the "click" switch. I just got the "No sd card is inserted" error. Bootmii still recognized it. I installled 4.1 back and had the same problem as I had with 4.0 I'm confused. Edit: Installing 3.4, seeing what happens. Still nothing inserted. Now bootmii won't start. The hackmii installer said it wasn't installed, but a working SD card is required to install. Great.

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Re: SD Card: How does it read\become recognized?
June 20, 2010 12:59AM
Downgrading doesn't solve anything.

Anyway, it could be a high-level hardware fault, but because BootMii/MINI is so low level, it is able to use it anyway, but Nintendo IOS cannot? I am making a complete guess here, but it sounds kinda viable :P
Re: SD Card: How does it read\become recognized?
June 20, 2010 01:25AM
I figured it might clean out something or whatever. Its worked on random wii problems before :P Anywho, your guess is the best one I've got. Guess we can wait for someone who knows enough about wiis to help us out here.

Something in the Bootmii faq:

Why does my SD card work in the Installer / HBC, but not in BootMii (or vice-versa)?

libogc and MINI use completely different sets of code to talk to SD cards, so a card that works in one may not work in the other. For reasons unclear, MINI does not work with a random 25% of all SD cards; we are constantly striving to increase compatibility, but in the mean time you might want to try another card.

Not sure what that means, but it sounds like only certain code is working correctly to access my card...? Perhaps someone could elaborate\explain?

EDIT: Heavy use trying to test multiple SD cards, my spring finally snapped. I quit. This year old POS is just gonna have to use usb. Close this, or whatever.

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