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Replace "Health Warning Screen" ?

Posted by ToNoobIsHuman 
Replace "Health Warning Screen" ?
December 30, 2008 04:56AM
I have seen more of you don't like the app STARFALL, but one thing I found cool about it over Gecko OS was that you can replace the "Health Warning Screen" with a "reload" splash screen.

So does that meen we could replace it with just about anything we wanted?

I just now dumped my NAND and am learning how to explore it, so bare with me if I'm getting ahead of my knowledge barrier.

But here's how I understand it so far:
Dump your NAND.
Modify to your liking.
Patch to Wii.

Is that the IOS modification process?
Re: Replace "Health Warning Screen" ?
December 31, 2008 02:22AM
I wouldn't try doing that.
Re: Replace "Health Warning Screen" ?
January 02, 2009 04:02AM
The "Health and Warning" screen is displayed by the System Menu, not IOS.

There are two reasons this is a bad idea:

1) You won't save much time, because the delay encountered in the beginning of the boot is actually the amount of time taken to sync the Wiimote. (real delay is the amount of time between when the blue LEDs on the wiimote stop flashing, and when the channels actually appear.

2) If you make a mistake in your patch, you just killed your Wii.
Re: Replace "Health Warning Screen" ?
January 03, 2009 08:19AM
Well, I was more thinking along the lines of "personalization" over "time conservation".
I understand the risks to my system by doing these things, but just wanted to call out the question :)
Thanks for the replies though, nice to see even a noob can get his questions reviewed :) You guys are great.
Re: Replace "Health Warning Screen" ?
January 04, 2009 05:05AM
This question falls under the broad category of "theming", which is something a lot of people are interested in. Hopefully, once we have better recovery mechanisms in place, people will have more freedom to try things like this out. It's being worked on. :)
Re: Replace "Health Warning Screen" ?
January 04, 2009 08:50PM
Thank you for the clarification. I'm very excited to be learning so much lately and following the general progress. The work of this team and the outside contributors is very appreciated, especially any info you all provide so we may stay up to date.
I will continue to follow and learn and hopefully I can even contribute to the cause (whether it be small or large).
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