Mounting NTFS drive ?
February 02, 2010 03:16PM

I tried to mount an NTFS drive, by installing ntfs-3g from backports repository and
by compiling the driver, but i received an error about '/lib/modules/...mike.../modules.dep'
not found. That seems normal because the directory doesn't exist(there is an ...isobel...
directory however).

Then, I tried reinstalling Fuse by compiling and now I get errors about module not
compatible... I think the system is a little messed up now.

The system is Whiite Debian Etch running with MikeP4 through Bootmii, the desktop is

So, the Question is : Does anyone manage to mount an NTFS drive or is it simply possible?
Please, don't tell me to format in ext3 or ext4 or whatever, it is a multimedia drive and have to
keep it that way.
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