whiite linux installer using xwhiite with mike5preview
May 29, 2010 05:27AM
how do you replace the file it said we recommend you replacing the elf binary with the mike to support dvd and wifi i been trying alot but i just can not figure any help
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Re: whiite linux installer using xwhiite with mike5preview
May 30, 2010 05:03PM
Download the following files:


Use those files to replace the following files you should have on your SD card if you have setup the installer:


Then open the file called "whiite-linux-installer.conf" in a text editor and look for the names of the files you replaced in it, and if you find them, replace them with the new filenames.

Then try running the installer. This is all a guess based on these two pages ( [www.gc-linux.org] and [www.gc-linux.org]), but I figure its a decent guess.

However, I dunno for sure, and I'd say it may just be easier to do it manually, as it seems the installer isn't being supported... Can't say for sure though, if it works the way I described, perhaps we could make a new package for the installer to make it work.

EDIT: OK, I found exactly what to do to make it work. Open whiite-linux-installer.conf and change FS_TARBALL to "debian-etch-4.0+whiite-0.1.tar.bz2" and change KERNEL_TARBALL to "whiite-linux-kernel-2.6.27b.tar.bz2". Note that the progress dialogs may be wrong, the way to fix this would be to find the number of files in each tarball and update FS_TARBALL_FILE_COUNT and KERNEL_TARBALL_FILE_COUNT accordingly. Failure to do so should only mean the progress bars may be wrong, but it should all still work from my reading of the installer page I linked to above.

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