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GUI for Debian Lenny

Posted by riivelation 
GUI for Debian Lenny
June 27, 2010 04:30AM
Hello. I'm really new to linux so I don't know really what I'm doing. So I've gotten to the part where I have Debian lenny 5.0 running successfully on my wii. the only problem is that it's in terminal form. Is there a way that I can install a GUI for this version? I'm really bad with the command line and I only know a few commands. I just want to run openoffice, firefox, a torrenting program, and a wbfs manager. I don't think I can really do that in the command line, nor do I really want to. Pleeease help?
I'm running a 4.2U NSTC 480i wii if that helps.
Re: GUI for Debian Lenny
July 06, 2010 11:44PM
Adding a gui to whiite is a complex process. You would probably be better served starting with xwhiite which already has one installed.

Open Office most likely wont work. The current version requires 256mb of ram, but you can try version 1 which only needs 64mb.

Debian linux doesnt use firefox. xwhiite comes with iceweasle installed. Which is just firefox with the non-gpl images removed.

BitTorrent has a nice python version that can be run from the command line. Or if you use xwhiite I recommend Transmission BitTorrent Client.

WBFS = Wii Backup File System. Please remember all discussion of backups is prohibited on this forum.
Re: GUI for Debian Lenny
October 20, 2010 04:16PM
I'd recommed you search and follow The_Marioga's tutorial in order to install the X11 Server and Fluxbox (not really a GUI but a Windows Manager, works the same though).

Once you get it running you can install a light browser like Iceweasel, an Msn client as Pidgin, and some other cool tools, like conky which keeps you informed of your system status at all times (processes running, memory, swap, disk space, etc.)

This worked out much better for me than Xwhiite

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