Problem when booting Whiite
September 28, 2010 02:49AM

So I installed Whiite Linux using the GUI installer.

Everything went smoothly.

Except now when I try to boot Mike's EP5 elf the console says

WARNING: Multiple Chipcommon Found
Broadcom 4710 Found
Selected Rate Control Algorithm
Sonics Silicon Backplane Found on SDIO mmc1

It then just makes a blinking cursor and just stays there.

When i try to boot the elf that came with the GUI installer it's all console based and the end of the console goes off the screen (probably because of my TV setup or something).

Shouldn't it have gone to a GUI based desktop and logged me in automatically?

I'd prefer to use MIKE p5 as it supports the Wii's Wifi card.

Please help.

EDIT: Never mind. I looked through the forums and found out that whiite-linux is terminal based. I have tried loading a Xwhiite image file that i put on my SD Card and wasnt happy. (no wifi) I'll be getting the xwhiite tarball and do the process over.

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