ide-scsi problem
October 20, 2010 03:52PM
Hi everyone

I seem to be having a problem no one had before (or so I think).

I'm running the latest version of whiite on my wii, with a Fluxbox desktop, and this last few days I've been trying to workaround DVD playback capability using xine-ui and an external USB DVD recorder (Samsung), which seems to be SCSI.
Anyway, I know by now that I should create a link that makes /dev/dvd point to /dev/scd0 to make it work, the problem is I can't mount the USB device.

I've been reading lots of forums and by now I think the problem is: there's no ide-scsi module on my distribution, I couldn't find it, and furthermore there's no reference to it in my /etc/modules.conf file, plus when I run "modprobe ide-scsi" the system confirms there's no such module.

My question: Is there a way to get that module? Or any other way to mount the DVD disc on my USB device?

I'm kinda of a newbie in linux trying to learn as fast as I can so try to put up with me

Re: ide-scsi problem
October 26, 2010 03:25PM
I'll post the reply I was given to solve this problem, just in case somebody comes across the same thing

To fix this you have to recompile the kernel:

Start with the kernel configuration of your actual kernel image. To get your
kernel configuration just boot into your whiite linux installation and do a:
zcat /proc/config.gz > /tmp/my_kernel_config.txt
This will create a file
named /tmp/my_kernel_config.txt, which you need to copy to your "build" machine
(i.e. where you will build/compile your kernel).

Then follow the instructions at:


At step 2 of "Building the kernel image", instead of using a default config, do
copy the contents of your my_kernel_config.txt file to linux-2.6.32/.config .
Then modify the .config file to set the needed option (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR=y). The
.config file is a text file that you can manually edit. Alternatively, if you
prefer it, you can do a "make menuconfig" to tweak the options.

I got to thank for this to Albert Herranz!
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