current status of wii linux (possible lightweight distros?)
March 27, 2011 12:22AM

2 questions:
What is the current status of linux on the Wii?(capabilities, on usb, current istros)
...but more importantly...
Will there be (or are there) more lightweight distros available for the wii?(tinycore, slitaz, puppy, etc.)
The reason I ask:
-Current tutorial for wii linux on usb is quite difficult to understand for noobs like me. :)
-more people have <1gb flash drives than SD cards
-a smaller distro could be more easily downloaded through Homebrew Browser/alternative
-lastly, I have been wanting to try this for years!
This is a question directed mainly towards those who have successfully put Linux on their wii.
If possible, link to tutorials/references in replies.

Thank You!!!

So far, the only distros I am aware of are all listed on:
•Archii, Mystiic, and Miight are apparantly dead(servers/websites down) leaving WiiToo and Xwhiite/Bliight (which hasn't been updated for some time)
If their are any others, please give details!

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