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Ubuntu Wii

Posted by q885 
Ubuntu Wii
June 28, 2012 10:43PM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
July 09, 2012 07:07PM
May I ask, why use such an old version of Ubuntu? I understand new versions from the past one or two years can't be used because they come with Unity (even though there're still the XFCE versions). But wouldn't a version from 2009 or 2010 be a better choice? Or is it a problem with the kernel versions available for use with the Wii, or the RAM usage that's very high?

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Re: Ubuntu Wii
July 13, 2012 01:40AM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
September 08, 2012 07:07PM
It works pretty well, although, I couldn't get it to connect to my router via WPA. Whiite Linux connected pretty easily, this one doesn't seem to connect for me, though. And you can't really get new software without internet, because of dependencies.

The bottom and top of the screen were cut off, like you said they might. But I kinda got around it by placing a smaller panel below the top and bottom panel.

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Re: Ubuntu Wii
September 13, 2012 02:23PM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
September 14, 2012 01:19PM
Okay, I tried Ubuntu Wii on my friend's network. It wouldn't connect. It said something about ioctl and an unsupported function. I'm thinking probably Dapper doesn't support WPA. I'm going to make a Hardy image and see if it works on there.

I'll get back to you.
Re: Ubuntu Wii
September 19, 2012 06:03PM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
September 28, 2012 11:10PM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
October 02, 2012 07:15PM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
October 04, 2012 01:53AM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
October 05, 2012 02:22PM
alright, im a lifelong windows user here so please bear with me, im a quick learner, i am dedicated to whatever i choose to do, and i would ove to learn linux, and everything i can about the different types, the major distros, and whic is more suited for what hardware you have.
that being said i would love to start with the daunting task of creating a distro of linux that is made exclusively for the wii. i picked the wii for a few reasons.
> The extremely low power consumption
>The low thermal put out
>Already compatible with tv
>Two usb ports
>availability of the unit
>cost effectiveness.
so would anyone be able to tell me where tostart, if its even possible to completely get rid of the wiis ios and replace it with a smaller, less consuming distro like dsl or puppy, somebody told me that starting with debian would possily yield the best results because of the compatibility but i am unsure.
also i had a question, i have not actually installed your ubunt, didnt have the space to download a file n my 4 gig netbook, will do it on my desktop at home, does your ubuntu run alongside the wii ios? sharing the same ram, but only showing the ubuntu screen, or does it actully shut down the wii ios?

my goal in the long run is to make the wii a low cost mini pc that is playable on your tv, with the bluetooth controllers, wireless keyboard, and mouse. that i can also turn around and make an emulation system, id like to be able to run actual emulators. not the homebrew channel where my choices are even farther limited.

thanks, all an any help is appreciated.
Re: Ubuntu Wii
October 05, 2012 02:25PM
also i realize how easy it would be to just get a video adapter for my pc, but i want to create something that others can build off and play with, make more stable.... and maybe eventually submit it as a full fledged distro
Re: Ubuntu Wii
October 06, 2012 01:07AM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
October 08, 2012 05:21AM
Alright I'm gonna look into it now. Thank u for the link, like I said I'm completely new to Linux, I've pure puppy before and Ubuntu which I am currently reinstalling on my netbook, and I've also tried dsl but I was trying to install to a hitachi visionplate which wouldn't boot from it's cf card if it were larger that I think 2gb and my only choeces were 32 mob and 4 gb so I never got it running and completely dropped Linux and I'm hoping I can pick it up for real this time
Re: Ubuntu Wii
October 08, 2012 05:54AM
Also would anyone know of any small screens possibly 7" or around that would accept the Standard yellow plug? The applications of something like this in my blazer aren't quite limitless but low dollar car Pc seems pretty cool to me
Re: Ubuntu Wii
October 20, 2012 04:21PM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
November 04, 2012 09:01AM
Re: Ubuntu Wii
November 05, 2012 02:19PM
Redoing Ubuntu Wii instructions for Feisty.
November 13, 2012 08:05PM
I would like to redo the instructions in the first post of this thread to point to the Feisty image. But before I do that, I'd like to hear from at least one person who tried the Feisty image.

gralco, Khoraski, BowserN64, or anyone else who may have tried it want to drop me a line and tell me if it worked?



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Re: Ubuntu Wii
November 27, 2012 01:02PM
I will try it. Yesterday hacked my Wii and tried xwhitte. But Ubuntu is hopeful better to use.

I had no SD card bigger than 1 GB, in my break i did buy one. 4 BG :)

So to night i will try it.

didn't get my wifi working on xwhiite. I had kernel version 2.6.32 and wifi modules 2.6.27b. :(

hopeful your version work better.
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