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Update Whiite to Debian 6.0

Posted by Khoraski 
Update Whiite to Debian 6.0
September 03, 2012 08:50PM
This originally was a post requesting for help, but since I figured it out, I'll tell people how to do it who have the same problem.
Basically, when you get Whiite 1.10 on the internet, it won't update or install new software. So this is what you have to do.

1) Update it from Lenny to Squeeze. It's actually really easy to do.
Run this command:
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
Change where it says "lenny" on both lines to "squeeze."
Now simply run "apt-get update".

2) If you get an error saying something like, "NO PUB_KEY {INSERT KEY}", run these commands:

gpg --recv-keys AED4B06F473041FA
gpg --armor --export AED4B06F473041FA | apt-key add -
apt-get update

As you can see, I used "AED4B06F473041FA" for my Key. If the "{INSERT KEY}" part is different, replace AED4B06F473041FA with your Key.

3) If you still can't update, run:

apt-get update -f

This should take a long time to fix everything.

4) Once done, run apt-get update and it should successfully update!

Done! Now you can install new software, like "apt-get install python" should install Python.

5) I'm adding this step in because you may still run into an error after reboot. You get the error that says something like, "nb root's path should usually contain" etc...

To fix this, run this command:


You can also add the line to the "profile" file and it should run it on boot.

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Re: Update Whiite to Debian 6.0
September 28, 2012 04:21AM
I've installed Whiite Linux and run it via the HomeBrew Channel, but can not install Linux applications. When I type apt-get update several error messages are displayed. On the Wii/Linux Use page it states: "THE DEFAULT REPOSITORIES ARE INCOMPLETE! apt-get will fail to download many dependencies. You must change add a mirror repository to /etc/apt/sources.list to have it work correctly."
Three questions:
1. Is your post the solution to this problem or could you point me to the solution?
2. After correcting the apt-get problem, what browser would you recommend to view video streams from internet servers (web pages such as Comedy Central). Would Chromium be a good choice for the Wii?
3. I have the following video issue as also stated on the Wii/Linux Use page: "If you cannot see the prompt (off the screen), you suffer from TV Overscan. Please launch the correct ELF for your video mode." Please point to where I can find the correct ELF file.

Thank you,
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