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Update Whiite to Debian 6.0

Posted by Khoraski 
Update Whiite to Debian 6.0
September 03, 2012 06:50PM
Re: Update Whiite to Debian 6.0
September 28, 2012 02:21AM
I've installed Whiite Linux and run it via the HomeBrew Channel, but can not install Linux applications. When I type apt-get update several error messages are displayed. On the Wii/Linux Use page it states: "THE DEFAULT REPOSITORIES ARE INCOMPLETE! apt-get will fail to download many dependencies. You must change add a mirror repository to /etc/apt/sources.list to have it work correctly."
Three questions:
1. Is your post the solution to this problem or could you point me to the solution?
2. After correcting the apt-get problem, what browser would you recommend to view video streams from internet servers (web pages such as Comedy Central). Would Chromium be a good choice for the Wii?
3. I have the following video issue as also stated on the Wii/Linux Use page: "If you cannot see the prompt (off the screen), you suffer from TV Overscan. Please launch the correct ELF for your video mode." Please point to where I can find the correct ELF file.

Thank you,
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