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No keyboard input in Wii Linux

Posted by Fullmetal5 
No keyboard input in Wii Linux
February 19, 2015 04:54AM
I have been trying to get linux to run on my wii.

For fun I thought I'd try to build my own kernel so I found the most up to date version of the patches used for the wii (here). I then used buildroot to create a cross compiler as well as the target system's root file system.

I gzip'd the root file system into a ramdisk and put it in the kernel, then edited arch/powerpc/boot/wii.dts to have the bootargs = "nobats root=/dev/ram0 rootwait force_keyboard_port=4 video=gcnf:60Hz tv=auto loader=ios quite"

Then I used this cross compiler in combination with the build script that came with the kernel to create the zImage.initrd

When building the kernel I changed the option 'Boot Method' (under Platform Support) to IOS method rather than mini

Finally I executed the kernel from the homebrew channel everything seemed to work and I got to a prompt asking me to login to buildroot. Only one problem, no matter which keyboard port I plugged into I can't get it to recognize my keyboard.

I tried different keyboards, tried changing the option that said force_keyboard_port but nothing could get it working.

Through other methods of testing I've confirmed that the USB ports aren't broken so I'm at a loss for whats going wrong.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

P.S. Hope this is the right place to post this
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