Welcome to the Wii U Forum! *READ FIRST*
December 24, 2012 03:55AM

With the release of the HackMii Installer v1.2, running homebrew is possible in Wii Mode on the Wii U. For this purpose, I have decided to open a "Wii U" Forum, where users can seek help with installing or running applications in Wii Mode on the Wii U.

What NOT to post in this forum:

- Anything that is against the rules such as WADs, ISOs, cIOS, etc.
- Questions regarding native Wii U homebrew, exploits, etc.
- General questions about the Homebrew Channel itself that are unrelated to the Wii U such as, "Why do I only see bubbles in the HBC?" or "X app is not working for me, what do I do?". You can post those in the other Homebrew sections.

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