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Problem with riivolution

Posted by BerserkOlaf 
Problem with riivolution
November 02, 2013 04:52PM

I've got a weird problem with Riivolution on my WiiU. I did manage to install it before, however it seems riivolution's custom channel disappeared since then. So I reinstalled it with Smash Stack.

However now when I try to launch it, I've got a message saying IOS37 needs to be downgraded. I let it do so, but then I've got this message :
Error installing ticket (-1017)
The installation did not complete successfully.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong and I can't find any recent mention of this problem (I could find a few but with older riivolution versions). I'm using the latest Riivolution (v1.05).

I still can use HBC and other homebrew apps with no problem. Any idea what could cause this, and is there a (relatively safe) workaround?

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Re: Problem with riivolution
November 02, 2013 10:47PM
Seems you somehow have a newer version of IOS37 installed on your wiiu, even though only one version has been released. Any idea how that could have happened?
Re: Problem with riivolution
November 02, 2013 11:22PM
Frankly, I can't think of anything.

I forgot to mention I've got a PAL WiiU, if that can help. This is a console from launch, but I have installed the latest official system update, which may be somewhat relevant for wii mode since it allowed playing on the gamepad.

Regarding Homebrew I only install relatively tame stuff. Emulators, ports of old games, a media player, gecko OS for import games and Riivolution for NSMBW ans SSBB mods.

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