How to not brick you Wii U with Homebrew?
April 20, 2015 03:46AM

I just got a $299 Wii U.I want to
install Homebrew on it BUT I don't want to brick it.I know that
The Homebrew Channel cannot brick the the Wii U BUT messing with it can brick it.Can you tell me warnings about Homebrew and how to not get bricked? I really don't want to have a bricked Wii U.
Thanks :)
Re: How to not brick you Wii U with Homebrew?
July 10, 2015 10:25PM
Basically, as long as you aren't messing around with IOSes or are trying to install things which write to the NAND (e.g., priiloader), the chances of bricking it are almost nonexistent.

If anyone else has anything to add, feel free to comment!
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