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the wiitendo case modification

Posted by tfrew 
the wiitendo case modification
April 05, 2009 07:05AM
Hi, this is my first hardware mod i've ever attempted before.
I had a dead nes laying around and wanted to fit the wii into the nes case. (i've seen one other put in an nes, but it was sticking out the back a couple inches.)

this is some of what I have working so far:
- this is a gamestop/madcatz wireless gamecube controll reciever, i am using two of them
- bottom case of my nes
- thankfully the controller reciever plug is seperated with wires, that makes them fit easily later down
- working on stripping down the wii motherboard covers
- d2b dvd drive with some "extras"
- preliminary layout in the bottom case, things are looking good here
- power up check with the drive turned sideways, working!
- gamecube controller receivers fit in here fine.
- an hour of cutting and molding the old dvd drive mounts to get this angle to line up with the top case ( and plenty of hot glue)
- funny thing, the 128mb gamecube memory card fits here perfectly
- here is the card, most of its case stripped off
- top case on front
- top case on rear
- top case on side, cables sticking out
- set a dvd here
- i am able to insert the disk fine, and eject fine!

things I have left to do are wiring the front buttons to power and eject (i'm skipping the reset and sync buttons, if i really need them i can pop the top off. the sd card I can acsess through the ftp server for the wii)

the nes power button was a "click stick" but it was the same type as the reset button, basically i just broke the click pin out, it still had the spring in it so now they both will work for the push buttons on the wii. I'll be soldering those onto the mainboard at a later date.
Re: the wiitendo case modification
April 06, 2009 05:42AM
hey, that looks really good! great job.

It would be great if you could make a video when you finish it.
Re: the wiitendo case modification
April 11, 2009 06:08PM
cool use for the way outdated Nes, with VC
i have a habit of liking case mods
Re: the wiitendo case modification
April 12, 2009 04:01AM
Hey, that's really nice. Good job, tfrew!

(It's amazing to think how NES is bigger than Wii =P )
Re: the wiitendo case modification
April 18, 2009 04:28PM
Hmm maybe in the future it may be nice to put some kind of external harddisk in the case.... when you can run movies, music, homebrew ect from it :D But still a nice casemod

If i saw it right you don't have a fan in your new case, isn't your hardware getting too hot?

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