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Poking at the Wii's inner workings with a soldering iron. You break it, you get to keep all of the pieces. 
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Wii component quality across console revisions

by andykara2003
1,697109/19/2014 06:49AM
Last Post by andykara2003

Does anyone have a dev unit?

by JoostinOnline
1,737105/16/2014 11:33PM
Last Post by JoostinOnline

Making my very own Wiimote

by Mikrogut
2,459109/16/2013 12:14PM
Last Post by Mikrogut

Tony Hawk Ride Board

by Hilarius
1,914108/16/2013 08:00PM
Last Post by Hilarius

Missing (some) wiimote connection attempts - is it improper page scan configuration?

by ags000
1,884507/21/2013 03:19PM
Last Post by ags000

Is a delay/wait required to stop LEDS from blinking after connecting a Wiimote?

by ags000
1,790107/15/2013 10:56PM
Last Post by ags000

How to stop LEDS from blinking after pairing a Wiimote.

by ags000
2,383507/13/2013 04:45PM
Last Post by ags000

Writing BT stack to connect with Wiimote - problems connecting   (Pages: 1 2)

by ags000
6,5413106/24/2013 03:26AM
Last Post by ags000

Computer as a wii remote

by Matchlighter
2,075106/12/2013 04:26AM
Last Post by Matchlighter

Disc drive not working consistently

by boot.elf
1,835105/25/2013 10:23PM
Last Post by boot.elf

Wii Mote Headache!!!!!

by grandpa1959
7,1811505/16/2013 12:09AM
Last Post by dancinninja

Wii Remote Plus Bluetooth Communication

by feu.teston
2,203304/19/2013 06:56PM
Last Post by feu.teston

Sample Rate on Nunchuck

by pkpdjh
2,232102/20/2013 10:59PM
Last Post by pkpdjh

Use android device as remote for the WII   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by rikmer
113,6688002/05/2013 12:39PM
Last Post by zakmiah984

DVD is stuck in Drive; Best procedure to remove?

by ElderUsr
3,322512/29/2012 12:46PM
Last Post by SifJar

Can someone give me official specs of the sensor bar?

by Videogamer
4,083309/23/2012 06:22AM
Last Post by tueidj

Atarai 2600 joystick Wii Mod

by mr_microphone
5,905508/11/2012 06:25AM
Last Post by pimpmaul69

IR Camera hack/Replacement

by lolwhut
2,473505/12/2012 07:07PM
Last Post by lolwhut

6331 accelerometers/fake nunchuks?/Kionix?/stuck bits

by yardleydobon
2,466104/29/2012 06:40AM
Last Post by yardleydobon
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Wii fan not spinning

by EarlAB
  This topic has been moved.

What DVD drive do I buy?

by DJHoboMan
4,461603/27/2012 03:06PM
Last Post by owen
This topic has been moved.


by slipknot1213
  This topic has been moved.

getting +5v to power an usb hub

by michelinok
5,347302/29/2012 02:35AM
Last Post by slipknot1213
This topic has been moved.

My discs cannot be read

by G.G.
  This topic has been moved.

USB Harddrive unseen by Mplayer CE

by barreyi
2,352112/07/2011 03:10PM
Last Post by barreyi

Wii under port accessible??

by holy_artefact
2,916810/31/2011 07:14AM
Last Post by tueidj

Connect Wii Controller or Nunchuck to Microcontoller via Bluetooth Module

by PowerPedro
3,054210/12/2011 04:08PM
Last Post by SifJar


by Antz97
2,315208/03/2011 10:24AM
Last Post by bg4545
This topic has been moved.

External Hard Drive Trouble

by dana
  This topic has been moved.
This topic has been moved.

Wii Classic Controller and SNES - Delay

by sportsnight
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