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Poking at the Wii's inner workings with a soldering iron. You break it, you get to keep all of the pieces. 
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Thread: Details on Sensor Bar LED configuration

by brownieman
7,3621203/24/2011 04:15PM
Last Post by Daid

Guitar Hero drums - hi-hat pedal

by karlhendrikse
8,730503/21/2011 05:56AM
Last Post by bg4545

laser or entire dvd drive replacement?

3,790103/18/2011 04:57AM
Last Post by xGRUMPYx

SWiiMM- Solving Wii Maintenance Mode

by Dr.MarioX
8,627801/03/2011 05:15AM
Last Post by NotAWiiHacker
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homebrew stuff display off screen?

by supermegamanxl
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Simple USB question

by Magil
3,713211/02/2010 05:55PM
Last Post by Daid

How the Wii handles bad blocks?

by Bad_Ad84
3,977310/08/2010 02:18PM
Last Post by Bad_Ad84

Question about Wiimote - Nunchuk data transfer

by Sodrohu
4,300310/05/2010 04:07PM
Last Post by Sodrohu

Help With Moding Blue Disc Light

by WiiHax
4,106710/02/2010 05:40AM
Last Post by bg4545

Can RAM be added to Wii?

by Balkoth
6,747609/19/2010 09:19AM
Last Post by bushing

Question on removing Wii internal battery

by sailorsonic
14,8291109/16/2010 06:17AM
Last Post by tueidj

Logitech USB Wheel

by mungewell
4,012109/08/2010 05:41PM
Last Post by mungewell

looking to get some help before I pick up my first Dual Layer Disc game...

by arceusdude222
3,715208/28/2010 02:51AM
Last Post by Arikado

Help Identifying Replacement Wii Drive

by Labatryth
5,820108/25/2010 03:27AM
Last Post by Labatryth

Amiga Jostick for wii ?

by chrisbati
3,514208/20/2010 01:23AM
Last Post by DeeKay

Information in WiiBrew wiki contains a typo

by brettnak
3,630107/04/2010 10:17AM
Last Post by brettnak

Is it possible to swap the enitre white Wii hardware into a black shell?

by 4.0u
4,927706/29/2010 12:48PM
Last Post by SifJar

Motorola PC850

by jgsturbo
4,015106/03/2010 03:40AM
Last Post by jgsturbo

Wiimote Accelerometer - ADXL335

by DPitt
5,603405/26/2010 01:20PM
Last Post by achanler

Several tracking points by multiplexing

by chadez
3,469105/09/2010 08:27PM
Last Post by chadez

Do the wiimote buttons use a common "ground" among them?

by giantpune
3,903205/05/2010 10:59AM
Last Post by giantpune

Replacement DVD PCB for black wii

by jimbob343
4,607504/18/2010 07:04PM
Last Post by jimbob343

Wiimote Infrared Camera Hack Instructable Issue

by Shipep15201
5,368104/05/2010 12:16AM
Last Post by Shipep15201

sniffing bluetooth between the wiimote and console

by nlindig
9,5661103/18/2010 06:42PM
Last Post by JK1659

Accessing NAND through JTAG?

by peter
5,290403/14/2010 05:46AM
Last Post by svpe

DJ Hero Turntable

by emnullfuenf
3,888102/05/2010 08:07PM
Last Post by emnullfuenf

DSP Rom?

by henke37
8,442201/27/2010 05:12PM
Last Post by ekeeke

Wii Nunchuk and Atmega

by Silvrado
4,501201/23/2010 11:46AM
Last Post by idiosync
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Can I "unmod" a Wii?

by kecaewra
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This topic has been moved.

Briefly tried HBC now Hardware issues... Help :(

by elmoreas
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