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How the Wii handles bad blocks?

Posted by Bad_Ad84 
How the Wii handles bad blocks?
October 08, 2010 08:36AM

Id just like some info on what type of bad block management the Wii uses..

I assume block 0 is guaranteed by the factory to be working? Also, does the Wii skip invalid blocks or remap to RBA?

Just looking for as much info as possible as things specific to how the Wii handles things.


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Re: How the Wii hands bad blocks?
October 08, 2010 10:32AM
The first (few?) blocks are guaranteed to work, not just for the Wii, but for most flash chips that you can buy.
Re: How the Wii hands bad blocks?
October 08, 2010 02:18PM
Hi, thanks for the reply, but that doesnt answer my question.

Im looking for detailed information as to how the wii remaps.... How does the wii handle bad blocks within the boot2 range? skip IB or remaps to RBA? how about after the boot1/2 area?

I have an expensive nand programmer and knowing the stratergy is required when using different nand chips, im also working on a tool to remap bad blocks, but I need some technical information and figured this would be a good place to post.
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