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Information in WiiBrew wiki contains a typo

Posted by brettnak 
Information in WiiBrew wiki contains a typo
July 04, 2010 10:17AM
Hey guys,

I'm not really sure if this is the right place for this or not, but there's a typo / miscalculation on this page: [wiibrew.org] . I've been trying to implement the gyro from the WM+ in an RC application and running through the calculations I discovered that if you scroll down to this section: Data Format (Wii Motion Plus) you'll see the following paragraph:

Voltage reference is 1.35V that you can assume it as 8192 unit (half of the ADC range), using 2.7272 mV/deg/s, 8192 is 594 deg/s (1.35v/2.72mv), you must divide by ~13.79 unit/deg/s (594/8192) to know the correct deg/s.

The problem here is that 1.35V / 2.7272 mV does not equal 594, it equals 494. However, 1.35V / 2.2727mV does equal 594. Either the 2.7272 is wrong and should be 2.2727 or the calculation is wrong and was accidentally calculated 2.2727 instead of 2.7272.

If someone knows which one it is, it would be great. Thanks!

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