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Wiimote Infrared Camera Hack Instructable Issue

Posted by Shipep15201 
Wiimote Infrared Camera Hack Instructable Issue
April 05, 2010 12:16AM
So I followed this instructable to a T (http://www.instructables.com/id/Wii-Remote-IR-Camera-Hack/) and I'm pretty positive I set everything up correctly and programmed the Arduino with the PVision.h source code and an example program. But whenever I run the serial monitor, it gives me this constantly repeating list of "BLOB 1 DETECTED. X:0, Y:0." even when I have no light present at all.

Has anyone constructed this project and encountered a similar problem?

Does it have to do with a faulty IR camera itself or a circuit problem?

I've exhausted nearly all my tweaking energy and am desperately looking for some advice now.
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