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Help Identifying Replacement Wii Drive

Posted by Labatryth 
Help Identifying Replacement Wii Drive
August 25, 2010 03:27AM
Hi guys. I need a new drive for my Wii. I can't load channels, and I can't load disc games. But ejecting/loading works fine. I'm having trouble deciphering all the jargon and numbers I need to crunch to find out what drive I need. I've identified the following:

My Wii's Serial Number: LU5178XXXXXX

My Wii's Model Number/ Region: RVL-001(USA) / NTSC-U/C

Copyright Year: 2006

DVD board serial: AMV752OEU

DVD controller: GC2-D2B

I have 3 cut pins on the DVD controller chip, but no missing third solderpad near it. I assume I need a D2B drive?


That looks identical to the one I have now, at least on the front. I also noticed that the number on the yellow label (to the left of the black tape) matches the number I have on my current drive.


Mainly I'm wary about just buying what would APPEAR to work. I'd like to be SURE I am making the right choice. So any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Oh, and one thing. The DVD controller chip on that site is a GC2-D2C, and the DVD Board Serial is different than mine.


Huh? Incompatibility maybe?

The drive I have now works well as is, but if I could replace the laser, and be able to read and play game discs again, that'd be great. But at the same time, I believe it's possible that a new laser might not fix the problem I have with my channels not loading. That seems something a new drive would fix. I don't know. Anyway, I'd like to know if ANY Wii laser I buy will be compatible with my system, or if different Wii drives require corresponding lasers to work. Help is appreciated. Thanks.

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