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Several tracking points by multiplexing

Posted by chadez 
Several tracking points by multiplexing
May 09, 2010 08:27PM
Hi guys! I'm pretty new to Wii community, so this might have been discussed somewhere already, if so, sorry for reposting.

I'm currently doing research on how to use motion tracking to improve physiotherapy exercising and I came up with an idea to use Wiimotes IR camera to track patients movement. Four tracking points is although not much to deal with. So I thought why not to use synchronized, blinking IR leds to increase the amount of points to be tracked. Let's say 8 leds of which 4 are on at the same time. Of course the tracking frequency would get two times slower, but 50Hz might still be enough. The only problem that comes to my mind is that Wiimote might start randomly placing these points in it's 4 memory slots, since the seem to appear randomly (not constant light source). But I think this could still be overcome by rearranging points at PC side. So, now that I don't have wiimote to play with (yet!), I'd like to have your opinion if this idea sounds like dead-born already...

Many thanks, and keep on the good work!

p.s. What about motion plus driver support? ;)

-Pauli Närhi
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