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looking to get some help before I pick up my first Dual Layer Disc game...

Posted by arceusdude222 
As I've heard, older Wiis have trouble with Dual Layer Discs (Brawl, Metroid Prime Trilogy, a few others), and I'm hoping to get help with this BEFORE I end up getting Metroid Other M, (I've already bought the game, just waiting for the street date) and as I don't own any Dual Layer discs besides, I was hoping that the good folks here at Wiibrew could help, I'll give you what information I have access to, with my poor wii hardware knowledge,

Copyright date: 2006
Serial: LU50767982 2 (last digit is in a square)
Model No. RVL-001(USA)

Now what i'd like to know is if this info alone would point to it possibly being old enough to need a new laser lens, as I've bought it used from Gamestop (and it has an old enough Boot sequence that I can install Bootmii as a Boot2,) and if that's the case, I'll have to virginize it, and send it to Nintendo.

Nintendo failed to give me this info, i'm hoping I can get it here.

Thank you in advance,
Re: looking to get some help before I pick up my first Dual Layer Disc game...
August 28, 2010 02:51AM
All of the disc read problems were caused by dirty lasers in the Wii. If you've kept your Wii in good condition, you should be fine. If you do have problems, a quetip lightly dampened with rubbing alcohol should solve the problem :)
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