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Question about Wiimote - Nunchuk data transfer

Posted by Sodrohu 
Question about Wiimote - Nunchuk data transfer
October 02, 2010 11:57PM
I'm trying to connect an Arduino to the Wiimote thru the i2C, with the Arduino emulating the Nunchuk.

The original website is here [www.windmeadow.com]. Copying just the odes didn't work, so need more than just that apparently.

Now, I've read the wiiimote wiki, especially on the extension controller and Nunchuk. but several things I dont get:. I'll start with what I think I understand:

1. To initialise the connection, the Wiimote sends 0x00 to 0x(4)A40040, which is the address of the device
Translated into arduino, that's

Wire.send (0x40); // sends memory address
Wire.send (0x00); //sends zero

2. How do the device reply? from the wiki:
The Nunchuk is identified by the 16-bit constant 0x0000 (0xFEFE encrypted) at register address 0xa400fe
I guess the memory address is 0xfe, but what is the value of the data to be sent? I've tried 0x00 and 0xfe, but each time the wiimote registers it as unknown device...

Can someone explain to me the data transfer between these two devices?
Re: Question about Wiimote - Nunchuk data transfer
October 04, 2010 10:17AM

I managed to get this code working when connecting the uC, but only when connecting to the PC (using the WiiUse library). But that was quite a while ago, there might have been updates and it might work on the Wii now.
Re: Question about Wiimote - Nunchuk data transfer
October 05, 2010 04:07PM
Thanks for the link, but I've also seen the code before. Arduino uses Atmel chip, so that code can be used for my Duemilanove, but I'd rather use Arduino's programmer from the get go.
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