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Wii remote battery life detection on NiMH cells

Posted by Died2Well 
Wii remote battery life detection on NiMH cells
January 12, 2009 06:39AM
Hi, I'm not sure if i should post this here.

Anyway, i know that the wiimote successfully measures the life left of any alkaline batteries it's using, but i was wondering,
would the wiimote measure correctly the battery life of a NiMH cell? being that they have a different voltage drop that alkaline cells have.

Really stupid question, but I'm a little worried that this could leave in a rare case of over-discharge on one cell (pretty uncommon, but still it's mentioned a lot ). I am being too paranoid? XD

I mailed Nintendo about this and they answer was that the batteries could last up to 30 hours. lol

thanks, and excuse my English, I'm actually from Chile.

EDIT: I WAS being paranoid, the over discharge issue apparently is exclusive to when you are discharging the cells, and one of them is discharged more than the other, causing an inversion in the polarity of the cell. It should not happen during normal use, as for this to happen, one cell must be under 0.9 V, at which point, the wiimote has probably shut down. (correct me if I'm wrong).
sorry for the pointless post. Still, I'm actually curious on how the wii does measure the life of the battery, i know it measures the voltage output, but how it will behave with a NiMH battery?

thanks again.

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