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Uninstall WiiHB

Posted by Ibrewii 
Uninstall WiiHB
August 15, 2008 11:24PM
Let's say I install the homebrew channel on my wii. If Nintendo releases a game that checks for it before it allows online play, or if a new update is needed to use wii motion-plus, is it easy to uninstall the channel? Will simply deleting it make every sign of it go away and I will have a wii that is indiscernible from a regular one?

Also, I want to see if I understand this right. You only run TP once, which installs the HB channel. Then all you need to do is put files onto the SD card to run apps from the HB channel (including emulators). Right?

I know that it isn't impossible that this hack could brick my Wii, but has there seriously never been a case of this, as I read on the wiki? So it's very unlikely that I would have to buy a new Wii after trying this, right? Maybe if someone writes a bad application and I run it? Is that likely at all? Why am I asking so many questions?
I saw in the wiki that it mentioned doing something with wad files will brick your wii. What is the deal with that?

Thanks (especially if you can answer all/most of my many questions).
Re: Uninstall WiiHB
August 15, 2008 11:34PM
Firstly, erasing it will get rid of every sign except what's on the wii message board. Yes, use the TP hack once. And then yes, as long as you are good at following instructions, it will be easy to get apps going. And no, this will not brick your Wii. I have never heard even a single case of it happening.

EDIT: This will help you get started. It is a tutorial that I used. At the end is a .zip that you can extract directly to the root of a blank SanDisk card. It contains the hacked save files, Quake, Tetris, and the FUSE emulator. Click here

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Re: Uninstall WiiHB
August 15, 2008 11:48PM
Thank you. I have been kind of nervous to install it so far, but now I think I'll try it.

Since I have to erase my TP saves, can I just copy them onto a separate SD card to copy back later after the HBC is installed?
Re: Uninstall WiiHB
August 15, 2008 11:49PM
That's what I did.
Re: Uninstall WiiHB
August 15, 2008 11:55PM
And for updating the HBC, can you just put a file on your SD card and it updates automatically? I know it can use the network, but does it have to?

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Re: Uninstall WiiHB
August 16, 2008 01:01AM
You can use the network or uninstall and then reinstall the HBC. I have dial-up so the network isn't an option for me. Unless, something drastic happens to the channel I choose simply not to update.
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