April 05, 2010 06:19AM
Basicly, it's not working for me. It is an open source project that includes a library of Gecko OS's apploader and such.
I cannot get games to boot.

Could someone else test it?

Erm, I tried using Tinyload's source but it did the same. I called the function in the lib from the main application.

It starts,gets disc id then hangs?
Is there something wrong with the entrypoints or something? Maybe it's because I called it in the lib?

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Re: Simpleload
May 28, 2010 02:51AM
the gockeOS apploader/switchIOS function doesnt actually boot the game. it just loads into the correct IOS and runs the apploader from the game which loads the main.dol into memory and some other important mumbo-jumbo. then, it applies the patches and cheats and other un-necessary stuff. and at the end of the switchios() function, there is a big, fat while(1);

that just makes that thread stop. the main thread sees that the game is ready to boot, kills the thread that is done running, does a couple things, and then it boots the game.
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