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gb4gb, now working!

Posted by Daid 
gb4gb, now working!
January 16, 2011 04:14PM
It's a half year later after this post: [forum.wiibrew.org]

But I picked it up again. And now I have my own wii to test on.

I know the name is very silly, and I should name it something like "gb4wii" or something.

But it's my gameboy emulator. Which has as main highlights:
-Supports Gameboy, Gameboy color and SuperGameboy games.
-Runs up to 4 gameboys side by side!
-Gameboy 1 and 2 are linked with a link cable, so are gameboy 3 and 4.
-This linking works for pokemon trading!

The UI is a bit tricky right now, the Wiimote that clicks on the "load ROM" button is the one associated with that ROM. So if you want to play pokemon red, and pokemon blue at the same time, linked. Then do the following:
-Have wiimote 1 click "load ROM" and select pokemon red.
-Have wiimote 2 click "load ROM" and select pokemon blue.
-Click on "run emulation" with any of the wiimotes.

Download: [daid2.mine.nu]

Just a huge list of 'problems':
-Zelda: Link's awakening seems to be dog slow.
-Speed for other games is to high.
-Supergameboy support isn't perfect, but works ok for pokemon.
-Kirby's dreamland 2 doesn't do anything.
-Sound sometimes has a high pitch in it which should be there.
-Graphics in zelda intro and ninja gaiden shadow (AKA Shadow Warrior, AKA Ninja Ryuukenden) are messed up at a few places.
-No scaling options.
-No button config options.
-No other controller support then wiimote.
-Saves to the same location as the ROM is loaded from.

It isn't finished yet, but posting it here to catch the early bugs and get a few tips about what I should add.
Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 16, 2011 08:32PM
it gets to menu where it says run emulator / load rom/ exit /
setting than when i click load rom nothing happens
but it doesn't freeze or disconnect remote
Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 16, 2011 08:43PM
Are you running from SD card or USB? It should open a file browser when you click the load rom button. But if it fails to open the device then it returns to the main menu silently.

I've only tested it with SD card, as my USB drive isn't stable with the wii USB stack.
Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 16, 2011 11:05PM
im using usb it doesn't open a file browser it just stays on the menu
Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 17, 2011 10:23AM
Doh, makes sense.

I was thinking, why can it load the images from disk but fail to show the file browser. And it's easy. I copied the example code from libwiigui, and that opens "sd:/" per default. While the images are loaded from "/apps/gb4gb/images/" and thus use the default device.

So if you want to load roms, you need an SD card in this version.
Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 17, 2011 11:25PM
im also had problem seeing the icon when i get to homebrew channel i had to use wii explorer to run the boot.dol some apps i have dont have icons but it stills shows the name i think you didnt include meta.xml file or something

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Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 18, 2011 10:57AM
No I didn't include a meta.xml... but wasn't needed for it to show up in my HBC (which is the latest version) as this is just a test version I figured I could get away without the meta.xml and icon.png files.

I understand that those things need to be right in a release, but this is just a test version ;-)
Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 31, 2011 06:31AM
Definitely gonna check this out!
Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 31, 2011 07:56PM
Super Mario Land (GB) is too fast and i can't see my gbc roms !
Re: gb4gb, now working!
February 01, 2011 11:35AM
Both bugs I noticed myself already. Both are fixed, I should roll out a new version soon.
You don't see the gbc roms because they end in upper case characters (.GBC instead of .gbc) which is fixed for the next version. The frameskipper is on skip 50% frames to run at least faster then a real gameboy. Next version will do auto frameskipping so the speed is right.
Re: gb4gb, now working!
January 22, 2012 09:57AM
wow it works rather well.
now if only it had .gba support id really use this.
ran into a little problem, started a game of pokemon silver and gold on wiimote 1 and 2
had them both entering prof. elms lab at the same time and they froze.

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