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What's The Point (of Homebrew)?

Posted by mahern4 
Re: What's The Point (of Homebrew)?
June 24, 2009 05:48PM
From a theatrical POV, the EULA is more or lesse like this:

Nintendo says "You can use this, but don't do that"
You say "OK".
Then Nintendo says "If you do that, we'll gonna punish you"
You say "OK, but how?"
They say "Banning you from our online services, whatever"
You say "OK"
They say "Now you scream terrified!!!"
You say "Uhhh, no thanks. Can I play Mario Kart online now?"

That's it. With an EULA, they have the legal right to enforce a punishment if you break the rules, but the "punishment" can't do anything that may be considered illegal.
Re: What's The Point (of Homebrew)?
June 24, 2009 08:41PM
My bad, it used to be 5 when I researched it in February


Installation and use. ......
You may permit a maximum of ten (10) computers or other electronic devices (each a “Device”) to connect to the Workstation Computer to

Chapter VI: Other
Article 3: Hosting, Intercepting, Emulating, and Reverse-Engineering Prohibited
You may not host, intercept, emulate, or reverse engineer any part of the Wii Console or the Wii Network Service.

On the Microsft part: interesting, I can find that part in my 4 year old XP's EULA, Nad I assume Microsoft does not update EULAs via Windows Update - they couldn't retroactviely force an new contract on you.

Anyway, I do not have to follow Microsofts XP EULA, because it doesn't mean anything in Germany.
Any contract you can only see after buying the product is meanningless over here.

On the Nintendo part: I will look at European EULA, when I have some time left.

I actually thought reverse engineering is always prohibited in the US.
Re: What's The Point (of Homebrew)?
June 26, 2009 06:01PM
Law school called, they want their janitor back ;)

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