Twilight Princess Full Lossless Soundtrack Rip
November 19, 2010 10:12PM
Hi everyone, I'm new here - and I signed up because I wanted to get info about this:

Does anyone here know how to extract audio from a Wii game and convert it to flac?

I've been looking all around google the last few years, trying to find a decent gamerip of the excellent Twilight Princess soundtrack in lossless quality. I've found mp3's, but I want the soundtrack in flac!

If anyone can help, or even better, link to someplace where I can download the soundtrack rip, I would be most grateful.



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Re: Twilight Princess Full Lossless Soundtrack Rip
November 19, 2010 10:31PM
I hope I didn't break the rules here... My point is trying to enjoy my Zelda game even more, not to do anything illegal...

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Re: Twilight Princess Full Lossless Soundtrack Rip
November 20, 2010 12:37AM
Well, you ARE clearly and blatantly breaking the rules, given that we do not support piracy of any kind. This is not limited to only game backups and warez, but also any form of media.

Unfortunately, there is no standard way to rip audio from a Wii game. This has been true since the good ole Gamecube days. The reason for this came when Nintendo switched storage formats (from cartridges to DVDs). Back when games where stored in carts, companies had to depend on the only absolute format available for the console they were developing their games for. Had they chosen to use their own custom format, most of the game code would have been devoted solely to converting it so that the sound chip for said console to play it properly.

So, for the NES we have NSFs, SNES we have SPCs, PS1 has PSF and MINIPSF, and so on. But every console starting from the 4th generation has allowed developers to use as much space as the read medium can allow them, so... they're free to use any format they wish.

I do not know in what format is TP's music. I haven't done my research in quite a while, so I can't help you there. And I can't help you find a "clean" rip in a format of your choice, not only because I have little interest in what you ask, but because it's against the rules and because we're here to help people with problems on their Wii, or as a meeting place for homebrew developers, not as a place to request music.

My advice would be for you to rip it yourself and save every song as a FLAC. Otherwise, don't ever post here again unless it's something worthwhile.

EDIT: As a matter of fact, you might want to try doing some research on [] I haven't checked on Gamecube sound emulation in a very long while, and while I doubt they might have made any advances in the last few years, you might just have luck... but that's the most I can help you with.

EDIT 2: Ok, sooo... somehow I ended up feeling curious about it, and I decided to take a look... and I found they HAVE advanced, quite a bit than the last time I checked. Here's the link: [] I haven't tried it myself, and prolly never will with this computer (I tried playing NDS music on this lappy, and it went unresponsive for 5 minutes while loading everything in memory...). Also, it would involve backing up your original GAMECUBE game (I dunno if it's also possible to play Wii music, but given that the Gamecube and Wii versions of TP are basically the same, I don't see why not ripping the GC version instead). I swear to God this will be the absolutely last thing I'll do for you. Seriously. Though I love tinkering with videogame music...

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Re: Twilight Princess Full Lossless Soundtrack Rip
November 20, 2010 02:55AM
What you can do is use CleanRip to rip you Wii or GameCube TP disc and use Dolphin (Wii/GC emulator for PC) to extract files from the discs. You must figure out how (or if it's possible) to convert the files yourself.
Re: Twilight Princess Full Lossless Soundtrack Rip
November 23, 2010 10:44PM
THANKS a lot to the both of you. I'm going to research the links you gave me, and hope to be able to progress a bit further. Now, I have been able to download a "lossless" audio rip from the gamecube version of the game - and that is not lossless, sadly. 6 CDs stretched over 1.5 GB along with the other data couldn't possibly be lossless, after all. So I'm gonna have to work on a way to rip the audio from the wii version. I'll get back to you if I find out something. Though I probably won't, as I am very n00b to wiibrewing. Thanks again for your help.
Re: Twilight Princess Full Lossless Soundtrack Rip
September 17, 2013 10:24AM
Hi there! I am not sure about the quality as I am an iPod owner and there is no point to me to download anything else except for mp3, but mp3 files of Twilight Princess's OST you can find here Just in case you are ok with mp3 format. Cheers!
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